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Nice Present for hi Wife

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    • Page6 September 7, 2011

      my gf would love that big dick inside her pussy

    • Justin September 8, 2011

      The gift that keeps on giving.

    • sexy September 9, 2011

      wow her tits are big and she a small girl. The guys dick is big and needs to titty fuck her.

    • Jonas September 5, 2011

      Don't believe it....most men are far too jealous to watch their wives get fucked by another man...especially if he's doing a good job at making her moan and orgasm...men are too territorial...as are women...

    • 100 th comment August 31, 2011

      can just picture mom and dad over for xmas..."so Kevin what did you get our daughter for xmas this year?" well sir I got her... too funny

    • mm August 24, 2011


    • wife August 25, 2011

      No doubt a lot of women secretly fantasize about sex with black men. Now it seems more and more husbands are fantasizing about their wives getting laid as well. I think I'd like to invite a guy like this into our bedroom and screw my wife's brains out.

    • eck August 25, 2011

      Was fickt die den kaputt!!!!!

    • Daz September 10, 2011

      How can I see more of this couple? This was super Hot

    • small September 11, 2011

      i could never satisfie her with my 4inch

    • pierre October 18, 2011

      He would do another video, but his wife ran off with a black dude... cant think why

    • any wone want to fuck my October 20, 2011

      a big dick

    • gege October 20, 2011

      Moi dunkerque pour baiser belle femme

    • thedude October 3, 2011

      i wish i could see my wife fucked like this

    • littledickwhitewanka September 30, 2011

      fucking amazing! i love to see genuine amateur film of big black dick reaming out white pussy. his dick so fat and she is sexy as fuck

    • The lover September 13, 2011

      I want sex like that? just call me and meet and you will have the most wonderful sex in the world :)

    • Cuck Husband September 29, 2011

      I watched my wife take a big black cock last night. It was amazing and loved it. He big dick pounding her pussy as he was telling her to suck my dick and making her take every inch of his in her wet cunt....OMG I can't wait to do it again!

    • Bow Chicha Bow Wow! September 30, 2011

      He's big but I think i can still show a lady a good time with my 6 incher. I use something called passion. It helps make up for the extra inches.

    • Jim August 17, 2011

      I thought he was going to split her in two. great vid

    • crossdresser jon August 16, 2011

      HOT my wife would look great being stuffed full of black cock

    • lol June 28, 2011

      white trash

    • Ray June 30, 2011

      Sorry to debunk this.... But, its hardly amateur when you can hear the director giving instructions to the actors during filming. Just amateur filmed; I would suspect

    • Yeah! July 1, 2011

      Agreed with DaddyCool. If you need another man to satisfy your woman, then it CLEARLY says that to everyone else that you fail as a boyfriend or husband. It's best if you breakup/divorce her.

    • pioneer June 25, 2011

      once in a while my friend fucks my wife. the days after he did, we are talking about our feelings and every time we fuck and are looking forward to the day, he will fuck her again. we both love it

    • gusi June 15, 2011

      Your really need to put another video I dont think so that you did that only this time...The people is asking for mooorrreeee...She is fantastic!!

    • PunisherJ79 May 15, 2011

      so ein dicker schwanz die gleine geht ja voll ab und blaest sooooo geil

    • Yeah Whatever May 31, 2011

      This might be hot if it wern't totally set up - porn actress, porn dude and a crew of camera people around snapping photos and filming yet trying to make it look authentic. Boo.

    • kh June 15, 2011

      got me jacking. i wish I was doing her tonight.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi July 8, 2011

      Hey guys beware, I let my wife screw a black guy for the first time and he fucked her so well that she doesn't want me anymore...she only wants black guys in the sack now and I'm left to just jerk off. I wish I'd never agreed to this.

    • Hmmmmmm July 9, 2011

      You guys are way off base (daddy cool and Yeah!).......first off, the vagina is basically a muscle, made to contract and expand to whatever is put inside of it. MY wife fucks a black guy who is well hung and still give it to me plenty too! Second, it helps our relationship because it turns her on so much that I give her the freedom to do that...we always have hot sessions in bed! Hell, she has even watched me fuck my secretary a few times!!

    • javier August 4, 2011

      muy bien.... que vergota...

    • So Hot! August 11, 2011

      I love this girl

    • Franziskus August 11, 2011

      We want to know her name!

    • Asian girl July 30, 2011

      Black men are amazing. I love big black penis :)

    • Anon July 21, 2011

      There's a longer version of this video, and near the end of it, he's doing here at the end of the bed and throws his back out. It's hilarious!

    • Blacktiger50 July 10, 2011

      Love her voice. OH, I'm Cummings.

    • napoli67 July 19, 2011

      bianca e nero : the best for me

    • jon jenny October 22, 2011

      I have a gf 24 5'3" about 109lbs size c tits looking for a black dick for her she is white also

    • wow October 28, 2011

      girl is UBER hot

    • e March 31, 2012

      There is no way that is an actress. The husband is filming and giving her directions. There is no way she is faking that...she adores it and come so many times, even when she's sucking him. I wouldn't be surprised if this broke up their marriage... I bet he didn't expect her to love it that much. And she probably wanted to do it every weekend rather than a one off

    • P April 1, 2012

      Great gift idea! She did very well.

    • fuck my wife April 12, 2012

      Wow this guy need to bend my wife over and screw her.

    • crud March 23, 2012

      I don't understand men who give their wives to other men. I'd put a bullet hole in any man I found fucking my wife. You guys are screwed in the head.

    • Mr.T February 13, 2012

      very Nice Present :)

    • honest man January 3, 2012

      my girl and i have been together for a couple years.... we fuck like this sometimes.... used to everytime but people get used to each other..... i would love to watch her get pounded by a stranger with an abnormally large cock haha..... i love when she screams and cummms 20 times..... i know not knowing the dick very well makes them wayyyyyy more into it haha.....gotta change it up....hmmm maybe a valentines gift hahaha

    • Luis J January 10, 2012

      anyone to fuck my wife just like that? she is hot!

    • Reverse Cuckold February 12, 2012

      If that guy came to my place I'd take one look at his cock and say to my wife: 'sorry honey, change of plan, you can hold the camera... he's fucking ME instead!'

    • Linda April 18, 2012

      being taken from behind by my black lover is fantastic he holds on to my hips and keeps pumping me till he cumms inside me the fill of his warm sperm and cock throbbing is like nothing else just as long as my husband doesnt find out

    • Happyhubby May 20, 2012

      White women love bbc. My wife would go in mens restrooms and check out what was in them. Sometimes she got lucky'

    • wife blackened August 29, 2012

      i love videos like these. This is every husbands secret fantasy for his wife to get laid by a black guy. I want a guy like this to screw my wife.

    • johnandjenny September 8, 2012

      that is so hot I have a gf I want to see she is 25 5'3" about 109lbs want a bbc in her

    • t September 20, 2012

      This comment thread is hilarious!!

    • Want to know August 9, 2012

      what is the music in the background between 2:20 and 4:00 ?

    • horny August 1, 2012

      anyone know where to find extended version?

    • John July 7, 2012

      nice boobs babe you must be horny all the time

    • Sammich July 21, 2012

      Wow, she's really hot to trot!!!!

    • Brad December 31, 2011

      Reminds me of the good old days.

    • Boner Patrol December 24, 2011

      the comment :perfect tits get thrown around alot more than it should, but jesus christ does this chick have great tits or what!?! good size and perky...and that is one handed typing ladies and gents!

    • crofucker November 24, 2011

      Lisa where you from I coming but Im white hahahaha who cares I will fuck you! GREETINGS FROM CROATIA

    • Dick Tits November 25, 2011

      Fuck this is hot!!!

    • Bigdik November 26, 2011

      I will fuck you for fee

    • hotcouple November 18, 2011

      We do this with my mate nearly every weekend Started with strip poker and went from there Now she shaves her pussy every sat morning and wears sexy underwear. We meet up in the pub shell tease us for a bit Then we all go home Shes a tall fit blonde with a sexy pussy and I love to see her get licked n fucked

    • iGoCrazyWithBlack November 14, 2011

      My soon to be husband is black. love the way he fucks me, he knows how to make a girl beg for more, he's so big that everytime we fuck it feels like my pussy's gonna explode

    • Spinz October 31, 2011

      Anybody knows any more videos of her? Please let me know the link or the name of the videos

    • hk November 1, 2011

      a wife we all would like to have

    • pro November 3, 2011

      Not too bad.

    • moistvagina December 3, 2011

      I would do anything to have that huge cock inside me.

    • yanki December 7, 2011

      now i got an idea to gift my wife .....looking for hard man

    • frenchwo60 December 18, 2011

      every day I am gifted with my bbc neighbor and yesterday he came with two friends, what an evening! fully drenched

    • volet December 19, 2011

      She'll have a black present in 9 months

    • Kelly December 23, 2011

      my boyfriend showed me this vid and told me that he would love to watch me fucking a black guy.

    • violentpasta December 17, 2011

      I hope to actually meet a dude someday letting me do this to his wife. Would be so hot. Wish I had a BBC though. All i got is an AWC (average white cock)

    • MerryXmas December 15, 2011

      My buddy Chris is actually coming over this weekend to give my wife a very similar present!! This video is definitely giving me some pointers!!

    • pervybiker December 8, 2011

      Wow so she' multi orgasmic and great tits and willing, phew. I am told by women a thick cock is better than a long one but this guy has got both, I'm not jealous, boo hooo!

    • BBCaddict December 14, 2011

      WOW that is the most beautiful black cock i've ever seen... would give anything to try to wrap my lips around that...

    • Me May 15, 2011

      a few girls i had where up for this shit and well done on doin it for your girl.She fukn loves the cick

    • hornyman May 12, 2011

      the best cuckold videos of all times

    • Yo September 6, 2010

      Hey Men, give her another gift, that we are waiting to see again your beatiful wife. : )...She is incredible!...

    • 8 million September 9, 2010

      8 million people have jerked to this...

    • Con-naisseur September 18, 2010

      I'm not doing anything Dec 15, and even now she's eight years older I reckon she's still shitting hot. I think I can offer similar girth to the guy in the movie.

    • Bbatz September 1, 2010

      Wow. Does he do white boys as well? IIf so, send him to Stafford, England! xxx

    • Maputo September 1, 2010

      if your girlfriend is hot like the one from the video , i can fucker for no problem

    • 4inch_cock August 26, 2010

      i would like to see my girlfriend fuck a guy like this

    • BJ August 31, 2010

      The best video...

    • afarris August 31, 2010

      its nice present for wife, she love to fuck by big thick dick, non stop all night, she is horney, anyone can help her. size is big matter.

    • ladybsxcp September 24, 2010

      vorrei anche io un regalo cosi a Natale!!

    • Tony September 29, 2010

      my GF's ex had an 11inch cock but he was shit in bed.

    • Big D October 5, 2010

      the fuck all day long that beautiful pink pussy.

    • bucknasty October 6, 2010

      black and read to pleasee

    • Champion October 9, 2010

      I could have done better

    • xXx October 5, 2010

      --------------| | | | --------------|-----------. | | | |------------

    • gus October 3, 2010

      Put some other video of her-you two. This one is one of the best in this kind in this site.

    • Truth2 October 1, 2010

      Yes thats what she tells you........

    • r712 October 2, 2010

      brilliant, love it when she comes sucking his cock

    • Jiri August 25, 2010


    • hardrock August 10, 2010

      guys who want to watch their wife fuck by another man just ask me, i hav a 12inch dick and i'm willing to satisfy you wives.

    • Rt June 22, 2010

      What's her name?

    • Fab June 22, 2010

      Would you like to be fucked from a italian strong man?

    • Cuckboy June 25, 2010

      I wish he could do my wife too! That fantastic cock... also without a condom... she would be thrilled to have this all up her pussy and let him cum deep inside her! I would be most grateful and clean her wet pussy all up... :-)

    • badbirl June 21, 2010

      my husband likes to watch me take a big fat black cock to :)

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