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Sexy bi group fun

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July 30, 2008
Studio: Legend

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    • neverb4 March 16, 2011

      bryan-sound good and i promise i wont waste a drop

    • Jaysun March 31, 2011

      Man I need to cum after reding all this....who wants to catch my load in their mouth??

    • neverb4 March 31, 2011

      bring that cock over here,fuck my face and i will swallow your load

    • Jaysun April 6, 2011

      I'd be happy too fuck your face and blow a big load in your mouth! But that is gonna make my wife so hot watching that you will have to fuck her after to satisfy her desires!! Maybe you can make out with her too and swap some of my cum between the two of you!! Then when you are at your breaking point you can shoot your load all over her big tits and I'll be happy to lick it all off!!

    • bryan March 12, 2011

      neverb4- I'll fuck your face hard, but will slow when I am about to cum. I will place the head of my cock on the tip of your tongue, so I can watch my cum shoot down.

    • neverb4 March 9, 2011

      i want you to fuck my face...hold the back of my head and shove that hard cock in my mouth until i take the whole thing ....that should make you cum like you never have

    • bryan March 7, 2011

      neverb4- after licking your balls, sucking your hard cock, and having my mouth filled with your sweet cum, my dick will be pulsating and ready to cum when you wrap your lips around it.

    • neverb4 March 8, 2011

      i am so hot knowing that you took all my sweet cum in your mouth and i cant wait to have my lips around your hard cock knowing that i will get a taste of your cum..i will savor all of it b4 i swallow

    • bryan March 8, 2011

      I am jerking off picturing you between my legs shoving my hard dick deep into you rmouth!!!

    • neverb4 April 6, 2011

      just what i wanted to hear..hold the back of my head and fuck my mouth..i cant wait to taste your load..i really love big tits and cant wait to suck your wifes tits and fuck her hard...she can be on top so i see her tits bouncing and so she can suck your dick at the same time..we can both pull out and shoot on her tits and we can suck each other load off her tits and share it with her in a kiss

    • sdad April 6, 2011

      would love to be part of some bi orgy and get my ass and mouth stuffed with some georgus and big black cock. want to blow their cocks till they come on my face

    • Jaysun April 13, 2011

      Neverb4, I think it sounds great!! No doubt we'd have to start sucking each other's cocks while our wives were licking each other's pussies. Oh yea, I get so hard thinking about your hard cock in my mouth, and after some point erupting all your hot cum in my mouth!! And yea, I'd definately want to see you give my busty wife a good hard fuck, making her scream and moan with pleasure! And I'd love to bury my hard cock deep in your wife's sweet pussy and give it to her good!! Out of curiosity, any descriptions you can give me about your wife??

    • neverb4 April 14, 2011

      my dick is so hard already. my wife is fairly tall with a thin frame. she has fairly large tits as well and an ass that wont quit. its pear shape. i love her ass and tits and blow my load on them often..i guess you can take your pick to cum on

    • Jaysun April 15, 2011

      Wow, she sounds pretty hot!! My wife is a bit taller too, at least taller than average. Nice to know we'd have two taller women with big tits to play with!! Man, now I wanna fuck your wife doggie style so I can have a nice view of that nice ass!! I'd love to cum on her tits or her ass!! Know what I'd like to see.......after you give my wife a hot fucking session, it'd be fun to see you cream pie her so then me and your wife could lick your cum out of her pussy!!!! That has me so hard just thiniking about it!!!!

    • neverb4 April 15, 2011

      i cant wait to suck on your wifes big tits and work my way down to taste her sweet pussy. i love to eat pussy and so does my wife, so i know the two of you will be sucking my huge load out of your wifes pussy. i will lick her pussy and tease her ass with the tip of my tounge. i will make her cum and then fuck her hard...WOW..i am cumming now..i wish you were here to catch soon

    • neverb4 April 12, 2011

      jaysun..i would love to see our wives go at it...i would watch for a while but then i am sure we would have to get involved. we would start by sucking each others cocks. i am picturing right it would feel to have your lips wrapped around my very hard cock and what it might feel like to actually have my lips wrapped around your hard dick...and them cum in my dick is so hard now...maybe when we are done we would swap wives and give them some hard cock...your thoughts?

    • Jaysun April 11, 2011

      neverb4, my wife loves getting her big tits sucked on! I know she'd love for your wife to suck on her big nipples!! My wife has had several dreams about other women....I know she'd love for your wife to go down on her and eat her pussy!! I know she'd want to return the favor to your wife as well!! What are we goiung to be doing while all this is going on.......watching and sucking each other's cocks????

    • Jaysun April 7, 2011

      Neverb4, sounds awesome!! You'd love her riding your cock and seeing her big chest heaving around! Plus if she were leaning over sucking my cock they'd be right in your face!! And yea, lets drown her jugs with our cum..she'd love that!! Then , for the next session tell your wife I want her legs spread wide open for me so I can bury my cock deep in her pussy and really give it to her!! Then she can be sucking your cock at the same time and we can drown your wife in our cum....would she want it on her face or on her chest????

    • neverb4 April 7, 2011

      fuck my wife hard...she will take in on her tits or face...she just wants hard the way ..did i tell you she will suck your wifes big tits and would love to taste her pussy

    • want2 April 9, 2011

      anyone from ill

    • neverb4 March 7, 2011

      me too my dick is so hard right now just thinking of you in front of me licking and suckng it and waiting for the load i am going to explode all over your tongue......ill suck yours if you let me

    • bryan March 4, 2011

      neverb4- I am jerking off now thinking about your pulsating cock shooting your hot cum covering my tongue.

    • Clint January 20, 2011

      big chjef.. Always thirsty for a big load of tasty spunk. My big hard throbbing cock is ready to dip in your wifes pussy for a coating and then empty into your waiting mouth,

    • big chjef January 30, 2011

      God damn Clint, I'm so badly wanting to suck on your Big Fat COCK after its stretches the wifes pussy, I wont spill a drop. I cant wait to look at you giving her a good fucking as im gonna suck on your balls and give you a good rim job as her pussy squirts over my face. Then we can both fuck her but I want your tastey spunk all of my face. first, then i wanna taste your nut juice as it drips from her wet pussy whilst you get your tongue round my cock and ass.

    • j February 2, 2011

      god you guys are really turning me on im from colchester eng and would be well up for joining you i have been fucked up the arse and it feels great next i want to suck a cock and take it in the arse at the same time i want to suck cum out of a mans arse aswell please im 22 and good looking i need someone to help me!!!

    • big chjef February 5, 2011

      @ J you can suck my cock, we could 69 as I too wanna suck on a nice big cock, just to taste that lovely hard dick of yours, willing to try tasting cum from a mans arse aswell, although I would prefer it dripping from a wet pussy. You up for it ? North London

    • big chjef January 18, 2011

      You got yourself a deal, What else you gonna do with that Big hard Cock of yours ? I cant wait to lick and suck on the tip of your hard Cock tasting all that lovely pre cum and pussy juice. Its making me wanna blow my cum all over the place. I've always got a big load too, so I hope your thirsty.

    • lil cummer January 17, 2011

      hey bryan and clint

    • kenny January 14, 2011

      wow u all sound so sexy we should make a video. i would love to get it in my butt frm a stud and suck a big cock while im getting pounded!

    • big chjef January 14, 2011

      I aint really into to mans arse but you guys are starting to turn me Lol, it used to be be just juicy pussies and Big hard Cocks i wanted in my mouth. Believe it or not but i aint ever had a dick in my mouth. Help a man out ????? just the thought of a big juicy Cock in my mouth makes me wanna cum. My wife says that a cock dont really taste of much until its ready to spurt (and she has had a lot of cock in her mouth) unless its been in her/or a pussy. Any pointers i should look out for. Need a hard cock as a tester. Would like to have woman involved aswell N. London. XXX

    • Clint January 16, 2011

      big chjef.. Love to let you sample my hard 7" cock in your mouth . Your wife is right, It tastes better when its been in a wet pussy first. I could bring a girl with me. I must insist on cumming in your mouth. You can cum in mine as well.

    • ibrahim haloto February 9, 2011

      ovver very wild

    • ashley February 9, 2011

      by the time i got done reading these posts i was so wet the my pussy was drippin down my asshole. id love to be the pussy/ass/mouth you fuck and blow your loads into!

    • big chjef March 1, 2011

      Keep talking Guys you both have my attention, an I've got my Big hard cock out just thinking about all the fun we could have with some Ladies present, dont worry though as i still lick, suck and fuck you both aswell.

    • bryan March 2, 2011

      neverb4- If I suck your hard dick will you please cum in my mouth?

    • neverb4 March 3, 2011

      bryan..yes i will cum in your mouth please suck my hard dick and swallow my cum i am so turned on

    • neverb4 February 22, 2011

      big chjef...i honestly have never been with a man but i think about it alot. i would love for you to suck my cock

    • hey big chjef February 19, 2011

      wanna make me your slave? imma a guy but im addicted to cock but i dont like being fucked in the ass

    • yes February 11, 2011

      by the time me had my girl had read these we had the best fuck we have ever had and we decided to try anal. fuk me its tight

    • yaa February 11, 2011

      byan do u wana fuck the indian ass...

    • big chjef February 16, 2011

      Ashley I would glady lick all the man cum as it drips from your pussy down past your arsehole, then we could pass it back and fouth whilst I give you my load of Hot cum straight in your cum drenched pussy.

    • Jaysun April 18, 2011

      Man, I'd love to watch you and your wife lick my wife's pussy, straight to an orgasm!! Then it would be so hot to watch you fuck her good and leave a big thick load in her pussy!! Then I'd love to go down on her with your wife and we could lick all your sweet cum that would be oozing out of her pussy!! I love eating pussy too so I'd have to gop down on your wife and suck on her pussy, then give her a good hard fucking and I'd love to shoot a huge load all over her big tits so you and my wife could lick her tits clean!! My wife loves to eat cum.......

    • neverb4 April 18, 2011

      jaysun..i pictured this all weekend...i dont know what turned me on the most, you sucking my dick, licking my load with my wife or being able to fuck your hot wife...all of the above...i jerked off all weekend.

    • Rambo October 29, 2011

      Love to suck all the off and eat there cum from her ass

    • bigtazz November 2, 2011

      Wow that is my fantasy me with a female and a bunch of guys in Connecticut any takers

    • Woe December 5, 2011


    • WOW December 17, 2011 dying to have pussy juice and cum in my mouth...i'd swallow it all! x

    • Funny October 15, 2011

      Love how the guys are clearly more into each other than her, you can see how is cock is soft in her pussy and he never came either hehe

    • bryan October 4, 2011

      morepleez- More please!

    • Bi_Guy_in_NJ August 11, 2011

      Room for one more? :-)~

    • adamnamanda August 11, 2011

      my god those blue bikinis reminded me of when I gave my first blow and my wife really liked this one.yum that big dick in blue bikinis getting rubbed i got to go jack

    • smilin August 29, 2011

      luv to suck cock with wife

    • lovecum December 24, 2011

      My wife and I would love to do that.

    • Blewett December 29, 2011

      Butifull the way that the wife got an erection over them

    • WTF March 1, 2012

      shave yo stankin puss bitch!

    • jcz September 13, 2012

      Great cocks!!!

    • Mikebisex January 12, 2013

      Hum nice cocks nice girl with some hair on her pussy and nice thighs (I prefer large tights) would love to pareticipate and offer my mouth my asshole and my big cock

    • me.... July 6, 2014

      Does anyone know the girl's name?

    • Tom February 28, 2012

      His feet make me wanna cum

    • Bi guy January 20, 2012

      Tyler, Cole, and Spencer, we need to do this!!!

    • Lone Wolf January 2, 2012

      Hot video!! One of my favorites. I'd love to suck those cocks and stick mine in her hot pussy. I want a cock up my arse, one in my mouth and cum in her mouth!

    • Gjh January 11, 2012

      Any guys wanna unload over my wifes pussy while I lick your balls

    • Aah January 15, 2012

      I would love to suck a big dick

    • this July 25, 2011


    • morepleez July 10, 2011

      such a turn on sucking cock with a female who likes guys who luv to be fucked and suck cock as well as fucking and and eating wet pussy.i luv to see a girl get turned on as i suck cock,makes me suck harder and deeper ,great when a girl likes to be fucked by a group of men and as they are fucking her she tells me to get ready to swallow cum as they pull out of her wet pussy and fuck my mouth for the last few seconds before they gush hot cum into my mouth and all over my face.luv licking cum out of a well spunked pussy also.

    • Jaysun April 27, 2011

      Yea, cum join in the fun big chjef! Feel free to clean up my wife's pussy after neverb4 gives her a nice thick creampie!! I'd love for you to suck my throbbing 7 incher and drain it dry!!

    • CowGirl April 27, 2011

      That darker boy is lovely mm

    • big chjef May 1, 2011

      I would love you guys ( Never b4 & Jaysun ) to both fuck my wife, dipping in and out of her pussy and my mouth, Im just getting so hard at the thought of you dp ing her doggie style whilst im laying underneath waiting for you to double creampie her and all of your hot spunk dripping from her arse and pussy at the same time into my open mouth, Never b4 you can stick your big cock in my tight arse if you want, what can I do in return ?

    • Jaysun May 3, 2011

      Can't speak for neverb4 but I'm in!! That sounds hot big chjef!! I'd put my hard cock in whichever hole your wife wanted.........and gladly fill it with lots of cum!!

    • JENIFER April 25, 2011

      hae i would taste your cock and i want to see your cock and then your size a cock

    • neverb4 April 22, 2011

      big chjef...come over here and get a huge load i have for you..i will cum on your face..your lips ..your wifes pussy..anywhere you want to lick my load is fine. i will put my cock in any hole your wife wants while i suck on that hard 7 in long as you cum in my mouth bye the way...would you rather a hard dick in your ass instead of your wifes fingers

    • Jaysun April 20, 2011

      Last night my wife did such a good job of sucking me off....I was imagining I had my rock hard cock in your wife's hot mouth and she was sucking me off. I gave my wife a nice big load and I was imagining it was your wife I was giving the big load too.....or even you!!

    • neverb4 April 20, 2011

      WOW..i want it all...your cock, your smoking wife to fuck and sucking my doing everything to my wife...i want it all...bring it on ..i think i am going to get my dick out right now and stroke it and not care who is around

    • big chjef April 21, 2011

      Any of you guys wanna suck on my 7 inch cock while deep throating your big hard cocks. Holla at me. IM IN NEED OF SOME REAL DICK. Would love to get a creampie pussy to lick, the more cum i eat the better. never b4 i just wish i could be sat in front of your big hard dripping cock waiting for your hor spunk to splash all over my face and tongue, my wife loves it when a man spunks on my face as she normally has at least a couple fingers deep in my arse waiting for her turn to get fucked in both holes. Shes very keen.

    • neverb4 May 3, 2011

      big chjef...i am building an extra large load just for you and your wife...dont worry jaysun, ill have something for you too

    • big chjef May 4, 2011

      Hey guys my wife knows i love watching her with a cock in her mouth and one in her pussy, but shes says how she would like to watch me get spit roasted.Im keen to please her as she has always been up up for fun. What do you reckon ? then we could all take in turns on her and spunk all over lovely tits.

    • top84albert May 31, 2011

      love to be in a room where i enjoy fucking both the girls and also pentrate a guys ass mm, love to meet a bi couple and ahh fuck them both

    • Bert June 8, 2011

      The joy of sucking a cum coated cock after it has come out of a hot wet pussy. The taste is enjoyable

    • ify June 9, 2011

      Bert...You are so right, a cock taste fantastic coated in spunk and pussy cum, so does a pussy full of another mans warm cum. Orgy's are great fun for everyone.

    • daniel May 28, 2011

      i join ,

    • Jaysun May 9, 2011

      Sure big chjef, I'll give it to your wife from behind in whichever hole she wants it in...her lovely pussy or her tight ass. Does she want my cum or do you or neverb4 want to suck all my cream out??

    • James May 5, 2011


    • neverb4 May 5, 2011 up and say hard cock is ready...just let my know if you want my huge load in your mouth or on your wifes tits. I AM YOUR AND YOUR WIFES TO DO WHAT YOU WANT

    • big chjef May 6, 2011

      OOH AH is what im hoping to say Never b4 when your putting your big cock in my tight little arse for the 1st time, the wife was dripping wet when we talked it through, she wants you to cum all over my cock so she can clean it all up when she sucks my cock whilst Jaysun is fucking her from behind. She has this guy who comes to the house to join us sometimes who has a lovely big cock that she loves to fuck and suck on, ( so do i ) so join the party guys

    • big chjef January 12, 2011

      Yeah just bring along a sexy woman and a big cock for me to get my lips around. Love eating a Creampie and sucking on a pussy drenched cock.

    • Clint January 12, 2011

      big chjef..You sure know what you like to do. Can i cum and watch and maybe help?

    • seba September 5, 2010

      Co za pedalstwo!!!

    • kintaro September 10, 2010

      I am not against gays... seriously... but I do not think I could do this...

    • passhun4it September 13, 2010

      i could easily b lulled in2 this action 4 sure. come on - get over the stereo types and have some FUN! It looks very HOT 2 me!!!

    • fucker girl. September 20, 2010

      thats so fucking nasty..............i hate this one

    • SEXY BLCK FEM September 4, 2010

      thats gross!

    • xfrx August 31, 2010

      wow mmmmmmmmm siiiiiiiiiiii

    • captzog August 20, 2010

      All that cum wasted, come on guys, clean up

    • jo August 27, 2010

      get that dick boy you no you want!!!!!!!!!!!.

    • gn August 28, 2010


    • CC September 23, 2010

      who is this girl??? I want some more of her...

    • AdamGarcia September 27, 2010

      I freaking love this video!

    • horny girl October 19, 2010

      i love to watch this while im massturbating, ill love to be fuck by to men and then to watch them fuck its other. freaking asomeee

    • GDIV October 20, 2010

      Nothing like eating a pussy and sucking a dick at the same time!!!!!

    • Rossi October 20, 2010

      Mmmmmm, any guys/girls london way.....Im in!!!

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