TUSHY Exclusive: Riley Reid Is Sick of the Simple Life and Wants a New Adventure, Check out Her First Anal Scene. Bottoms Up!
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my GF cums hard

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    • User October 25, 2013

      Title should read ( My BF Cums Hard )

    • j May 12, 2013

      Why add music?

    • NowKiss March 24, 2013

      This is the cutest porn I've ever seen. I love how realistic it is (maybe a bit less so at the end tho), but they are obviously a couple who cares about each other and love each other, and the whole thing was just really good. Oddly, I was searching for the exact opposite of this but the fact that I'm not even disappointed should say something about this video lol.

    • AnteePantie June 10, 2014

      GENTLEMEN,...this is how you properly fuck. Every girl wants sex just-like-that,..study this video frame by frame and practice, practice, practice!

    • TaffyLewis March 2, 2013

      Seems like it was the dude that came hard, not the girl.

    • sexyboy May 20, 2012

      fuking what a BABEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE i will fuk her day and night non-stop..gorgious angel

    • get it hard May 24, 2012

      dude stop soft stroking

    • Anon May 18, 2012

      Actually you sound louder than her... By the way, didn't she faked it? it looked like ;) even so it was a nice one, nice and slowly :)

    • Brucey May 17, 2012


    • Dafuq May 18, 2012

      I thought he was going to turn into the hulk at the end...

    • Observer March 22, 2012

      This is worth a whole lotta monaaii!

    • King of the Cock June 1, 2012

      Damn she screams sexy at the end!!!!

    • sudip June 2, 2012

      very nice ! i think i was there.

    • G June 5, 2012

      Awesome! Fucking hot girl and damn good music! The Black Keys!

    • slc2 June 1, 2012

      the guy can't fuck for shit. this is how women DON'T get off. and why they own vibrators. so they can fuck themselves as hard as they wish their partners would. seriously, learn how to fuck, dude. if the woman ain't making noises and faces, you ain't doing her right.

    • Her June 1, 2012

      God i wish i was her! So passonitate!!!!!!!

    • germ May 15, 2012

      Songs: The Black Keys - Girl Is On My Mind The Black Keys - Till I Get My Way The Black Keys - Hold Me In Your Arms Have Fun

    • Kim May 30, 2012

      I'd love someone fuck me like this... this is making love really!!!

    • yesplz May 12, 2012


    • germangirl April 2, 2012

      i'm feeling so guilty. for the first time i cheated on my fav video because i accidentally came watching you...

    • Muppet4 April 11, 2012

      What a sweet ass on her.. She's so beautiful!

    • a girl March 30, 2012

      delightfully real

    • yer american mom March 30, 2012

      foreigners are funny when they fuck

    • whatiwantedtosay March 29, 2012

      rare rare REAL amateur staff much better then the pro-100%-plastic porn thats making love...

    • Want2Squirt April 30, 2012

      How do I mark this as a fave, that was sensual love making...love how he was using his hands and touching and kissing her the whole time. So real!

    • XXX May 5, 2012

      ¡¡¡Hermoso!!! me encanta. =)

    • john May 6, 2012

      is this prince harry fucking katy perry? to the tune of the black keys

    • Stargazer March 28, 2012

      I've never, ever commented on a porn video before but for this one I'll break my silence. THAT is how it's done, fellas. Delightful, delicious, downright FINE! That's a lucky woman right there.

    • Fisgon June 8, 2012

      Buenisino, sin tanta pujadera tan falsa, buena musica (pero estaba muy alta) Y la chica buenisima. Kim - I can make it with you like that!! :-)

    • harbycon May 6, 2012

      the music syncs perfectly!! great vid

    • doschamp May 6, 2012

      Thats was a wonder prodution for u 2! congratz great couple...

    • oussamii May 13, 2012

      so awesome the song the girl every thing wow

    • Marilyne June 15, 2012

      Super ma préférer !!

    • damn August 7, 2012

      holy fuck new favorite

    • anon August 8, 2012

      can you upload it again without music?

    • schumi August 4, 2012

      it's finger lickin gooddddddddddddd.....................!!!

    • latinking August 4, 2012

      somebody know the songs in the video?

    • me July 28, 2012

      awesome. they both ge the climax and fall exausted after the orgasm. Most have the come outside and the girl never finish. this is great

    • joe August 1, 2012

      music way too loud

    • Mo August 10, 2012

      Rockin´Fuckin´Roll.... haha yeah!

    • ith t August 12, 2012

      love the music (for once). Very well edited with the scene. Don't mind me folks. Musical wank.

    • Dany August 21, 2012

      I would fuck at the rhythm of the black keys! :)

    • YAWN!!! August 25, 2012

      That shit was fuckin boring! It's like being at an amusement park - you wait for over an hour for a one minute ride! That was such a boring fuck that they had to add shitty music to it!

    • The truth August 18, 2012

      Nicely done. Hilarious to read all the women love the style and the dudes are all so insecure cuz they think you should bang like a porn video. Grow up gys and learn to do Er right.

    • ping pong August 17, 2012

      what a male egotist ! more interested in showing his body in slow motion than letting us see what his fit looking girl's looks like ! and to fathairywoman and any other protesting feminist if you think a few slow strokes means pleasing your lady get a caring man or stick to your toys .

    • 7 August 14, 2012

      schumi, It's the band The Black Keys, first song is Girl is On My Mind. Great band, awesome video.

    • fathairywoman August 16, 2012

      wow wow wow, that was amazing. what a sensual video. thank you for sharing.

    • foxylady July 27, 2012

      i fucking love this video.... and i want to have sex with this guy with this song in the background :D

    • lol July 25, 2012

      This dude is short stroking it, which means he has a small dick. BTW buddy, dont get mad but your girl sounds like she is faking it. Jokes on you.

    • Amazed and Jealous June 25, 2012

      I wish my guy was that passionate when we had sex.. and hes waiting for her to finish!

    • Jennifer June 27, 2012

      Good to know there are other couples out there like my fiance' and I. This is EXACTLY how we make love, that last position is our favorite. So intimate and close, yet can be so primal and erotic. Feeling every move, every muscle, in the same rhythm and motion together. 15 minutes feels like an hour, and at the end we're both exhausted, shaking, and speechless, and it takes every ounce of energy we have left to wrap our arms around each other and caress each others' skin as we fall asleep. Sounds corny and cheesy, but I've never had anyone make love to me like he does and have never felt like that with anyone else. That's love. Kudos to this couple and here's hoping they have many years together.

    • like June 24, 2012

      classic porn still amazing, awesome guy.

    • FUCK ME HARD AND FAST!!! June 24, 2012

      Damn!!! They must be fucking really hard for the d to rock like that!! A great video to masterbate to..

    • Kerry tolley June 17, 2012

      Go porn!

    • ME - PSA June 20, 2012

      Nice to see that he's holding out for her orgasm :)

    • lol June 30, 2012

      whats that song called?

    • toni July 3, 2012

      gute sex,,,,scheisse musik

    • Watchemcum July 21, 2012

      That's cumming hard? I was looking for the orgasm the whole video backwards & forwards. The guy would never handle my wife thrashing around for a minute and a half while screaming at the top of her voice.

    • Puppy July 23, 2012

      That is how its done. Watch and learn fellas.

    • smartass July 14, 2012

      Just one question which ones the GF because the girl doesn't seem like she cums as hard as the guy

    • yes July 12, 2012

      fucking hot

    • french kiss July 6, 2012

      comme elle prend cher sur la fin !!!!!!!!

    • Cherry March 22, 2012

      Good to see something REALISTIC for once :) This is how real people fuck.

    • Yay March 17, 2012

      She looks somewhat a bit older than him, not that it really matters. Oh and the ending was quite funny. His reaction was so unexpected...x D

    • D November 7, 2011

      lol title should be-i cums hard

    • !!! November 9, 2011

      love it!

    • mame November 7, 2011

      exelente culiada

    • christofucker November 7, 2011

      isn't there any more content from those to people? this is classy

    • s November 4, 2011

      this is the coolest

    • XXX November 6, 2011

      Pls name muzic

    • Redjen November 10, 2011

      I miss being made love too like that - thanks for the reminder xx

    • David November 15, 2011

      I'll pay $5000 to fuck this chick!!!

    • pres November 28, 2011

      that was hot!!!!!!!!!

    • Deaf01 November 28, 2011


    • mia November 27, 2011

      it should be called my bf cums hard god damn lmao

    • Jebacica November 26, 2011

      Dobro je.

    • Wetta is Betta ;-) November 16, 2011

      @David: Dude, this girl isn't for rent lol! Anyway, this video is freakin' HOTTTTTTT!!! I love the fact that you can see the obvious degree of love between you both and you reach climax at the same time. Afterward the look on both of your faces is pure bliss. :) May you both have continued luck in your relationship and make more videos pleazzze...

    • Voff November 22, 2011

      Stupid noise muz in porn. Beautiful porn, real love sex scenes can be destructed by mixing wih tracks

    • ricker October 29, 2011

      The woman is calm, cool, super hot but the dude lacks confidence, skill and more

    • lvs2fk October 23, 2011

      You guys are super sexy together and you have great taste in tunes.

    • Wow September 12, 2011

      I love the way she looks at the camera and smiles, just a second before the video ends.

    • swift September 29, 2011

      srsly, this guy is still a virgin

    • Diggity September 12, 2011

      This video was just purely epic. It's amazing to actually see people still make love and not just fuck.

    • amazing September 11, 2011

      so passionate and she is incredibly hot...amazing tits

    • sXySeNOriTa September 7, 2011

      I totally miss making love like this. I mean, fcuking's good and all and I wouldn't mind banging the absolute shit out of 2 guys in my department...but one of them...oh how I could make the sweetest love to him. U 2 are too cute for words...Kthnxbai.

    • John September 9, 2011

      Truly art! Cool to watch. They do it so well. They look like everyday people which makes us really feel what they are doing. I've been taking pointers from him, and my wife can't get enough of me, which turns me on all the more!

    • ... September 30, 2011

      not hating on this guy but how the fuck did he pull her??? come see me babe im about a million times better looking, got a bigger dick and a better body

    • mexboy3 October 2, 2011

      Finally some real sex on youporn! When both partners come at the same time! Where can we see more vids? Reminded me of me and my gf... I also think its awesome so many people are getting to know the balc keys because fo this vid! LOL

    • S October 14, 2011

      Best video on the site.

    • amazing October 16, 2011

      great ...

    • rex October 13, 2011

      that's a good fuck

    • Tina October 3, 2011

      Thats what sex should be. Hot, Sweaty, Hard, Fast, Slow, Soft, Tender, Passionate, Real and EXHAUSTING. I love to be fucked like this and then both of us just fall exhausted on the bed. It took me a while to finally find someone that could fuck me like this, but now that I have, Im one happy girl!Keep looking girls, guys like this ARE out there.

    • saam October 3, 2011

      nice fuck

    • lala2 December 3, 2011

      she is enjoying him and the music like no other...great!:)

    • Nice sex December 9, 2011

      But now I have to listen to The Black Keys for the rest of the evening.

    • klaine March 1, 2012

      an diesem video ist einfach alles super

    • Jason March 4, 2012

      Is there a name for the stance they use @ 3:45? Idk what that's called but I love taking a girl from behind that way.

    • dave March 1, 2012

      Who sings a song?

    • me February 10, 2012

      I like her feet.

    • smiledoc February 4, 2012

      ..great sound;-)...

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