TUSHY Exclusive: Riley Reid Is Sick of the Simple Life and Wants a New Adventure, Check out Her First Anal Scene. Bottoms Up!
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    • Tina August 3, 2011

      I LOVE to be licked. I think it is the most sensual thing a person can do to me. My bf has the most talented tongue of any guy or girl Ive ever been with. He can make me cum in minutes or make it last until I beg him to make me cum. This guy didnt have any idea how to do it right. The little vibe was nice, but he was way too rough. Its nice to get fucked hard, but I like it best when my bf licks me nice and slow with a good rhythm and a flat tongue. With some pressure on my clit and sometimes he sucks it softly into his mouth and flicks his tongue on it. And finally, as I start to cum, he presses his flat tongue down on it hard the whole time I cum and then just flick it softly when Im done. That drives me insane.

    • hakans June 27, 2013

      What a wonderful man, so passionate in his licking and proud to get her cum. She's so fuckin exressive. I'm gay but this video makes me very horny!

    • danimal the animal August 8, 2012

      dam that girls cute nice boobs omg ace dont stop i can feel ur finger breaking my arterie lol but seriously girls tell me if u want me to fuck u all say yes ?

    • Memo August 9, 2012

      A beautiful woman who knows how to enjoy her pussy. Bravo!!!!

    • dankster April 9, 2013

      OMG i luv it...its always best to get the girl off first!

    • siggis July 27, 2012

      Moechte mit ihn Tauschen

    • 6T9R November 20, 2011

      I love eating sexy sensual silky pussy and churn the love juices out of it..for hours...the sweet nectar with fresh aroma from pussy is what I like the best!! Let me know darling honeys out there if you want similar sensual treatment!! its not just the clitt..theres alot to be done..your lovely beautiful flowery vulva deserves lot more..!!!

    • Post as... August 24, 2012

      Leavesta e a comment...esta super ya se me antojo hacerle asi a mi vieja mmmmmm

    • Memo August 25, 2012

      Wonder if the shoes make the orgasm better? No matter, she isn't walking anyway. Enjoyable show. Does she return the favor to her licker?

    • Graham August 18, 2012

      sensational hottie. Love her smile.

    • Maria Laura July 17, 2012

      maravillosos deditos para una masturbacion excitante !!!!!!!!!!!

    • orgasm fever July 6, 2012

      diva where are u?i wanna lick ur pussy and clit

    • diva July 5, 2012

      Aww im dripping wet guysssss...who wana do that to me??? aw fuk im hornyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    • wolfy July 9, 2012

      got off watchn dz !! osm !!

    • The most genuine video ! July 13, 2012

      The most genunine video !

    • ALL CAPS August 30, 2012


    • Superstar July 13, 2012


    • Irmu August 7, 2012

      So macht man eine Frau glücklich! :)

    • 20 f uk September 8, 2012

      ok, im straight but even i would lick her out yummm

    • hairypuss October 15, 2012

      i want someone lick my pussy like that...

    • Debra Sultz October 15, 2012

      I loved this video so much, its thee most sensuous, erotic orgasm I eva saw, nd she is ultra feminine, extremely beautiful, r there more clips with her in? Debra Sultz

    • ria October 13, 2012


    • sexy October 16, 2012

      What is the very beautifl woman's name? I Love the wonderful smile on her very beautiful face as she climaxes and has very intense Orgasms which she loves to experience and enjoys very much i love to watch women enjoy having very intense and very satisfying Orgasms with my help. The Woman has a very beautiful face and Body/Breasts I Do Love the wonderful smile on her Very beautiful face shows that she is enjoying every second of it and her body movements on the bed

    • Punkin October 27, 2012

      So nice to watch over and over...

    • niro November 12, 2012

      Hermosa y que bien le hace el sexo oral

    • anonymous November 5, 2012

      whats her name

    • Wow! October 7, 2012

      This girl is amazing! I want to get on top of her and let her dig her nails into my back!

    • ds October 1, 2012

      That, men, is how you treat a woman.

    • Kay September 9, 2012

      I've only had one man eat me like that- too intense. Plus, redheads are more sensitive.... ^-^

    • Frederick July 4, 2012

      Who cares if it is fake. I can deal with it. She is gorgeous. Who is she?

    • chrisma September 22, 2012

      c phénomenal

    • jajjaja September 28, 2012

      sofia posada!!! ufff siempre te imagine, pero estas buenicima

    • TJArbor September 30, 2012

      Brings back wonderful memories Julie. :)

    • jbkiss September 28, 2012

      Wow, this is so impressive - this is under rated. What a beautiful woman - the full lips, long clean hair, great figure, the gymnastic body movements and the sensual facial expressions are priceless...hope this couple stay together. Would not mind having her juices ALL over my face! But it would not be the first time... If she dumps him, give her my address! The only thing that is missing is the finger nail scratches on his arms and back...

    • alice September 3, 2012

      m,y pussy wants some

    • Mike July 1, 2012

      Very, very nice...thanks. Ya wonder what she's like in real life.

    • PC January 19, 2012

      This man knows how to work a pussy!!

    • G January 16, 2012

      Whether fake or not her body movement in reaction was a real turn on.Think her pussy would have been better served at some point with some cock penetration combined with clit stimulation. Nice to read your personal life comments again Tina-you are the best- would love to see you in action..spose I can dream on...

    • will January 15, 2012

      licking and sucking pussy is wonderful, as is watching it, in both cases provided I can have my cock out and wanking it. But I could not do it without participating and eventually cumming in her cunt hair.

    • morsel January 26, 2012

      @Archer wonderful comments, thanks. With no disrespect to @luckyluckywoman, @lesbian & @a Lady, maybe there were other things to cause what gave you pause (@m and @ohyeah said it well). I just thought she needed a break between the intensities. This vid would be superb if @Secret Me and/or @Celine really was not trolling and we missed it!

    • ME 2 February 6, 2012

      That's what all women deserve. A sheet-grabbing, writhing all over the bed screaming orgasm.

    • lala February 14, 2012


    • honey February 8, 2012

      i wanna fuck sumone ................

    • akjdhasjkdha January 10, 2012

      Is this the person who plays kate off the programme neighbours?!! looks uncannily like her

    • whack December 30, 2011

      She dd not have orgasm excuse me.. and she is faking it all the way and smile at the last minute.. come on I know the girls who has the real orgasm,,the expression of the face is different.. and no she was just electrified but had a hang feeling wishing someone could fuck her good.

    • sweet p November 24, 2011

      idk i like any video with pussy licking ;D

    • Cclem November 23, 2011

      You see that shudder that travels through her body? If she's faking that she's trying too hard.

    • len November 29, 2011

      the guy doesnt good in licking,,He should put his finger inside the vagina while licking the clit for the girls satisfaction to the max...

    • dmitry poz December 16, 2011

      There is no limit to human filth! I wish i didn't know her...

    • Jackmehoff December 24, 2011

      That was nice! Pretty orgasm-face!

    • tinysin December 23, 2011

      pfff i think she's faking..sorry..i hate all those orgasmfaking bitches they give men a complete wrong image bout the female orgasm. it would be much more intense

    • or February 22, 2012

      altough i m gay i recognise that this woman is like a statue

    • loly March 7, 2012

      she is lucky girl i want same

    • Alan May 26, 2012


    • frankie May 26, 2012


    • sexarina May 24, 2012

      Is this the tall one from "Trinny and Susanna"?

    • Trimbireto May 30, 2012

      She looks similar to Nastasha KInski

    • lexi June 2, 2012

      made me cum loads watching it

    • HotGirl June 12, 2012

      Damn! I want this guy for my Pussy. He is so good!

    • csn June 6, 2012

      It would be nice if she had a kiss at time of orgasm

    • super May 14, 2012

      to see her tremble, and flutter with joy was sheer ecstasy... truly an unadulterated and superorgasm

    • fuckme April 17, 2012

      fuck, that is one guy that would make be happy!!!!!!! i want him to have my pussy!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to meet you!!!!

    • Cherry March 22, 2012

      I love to watch girls climax, I wish all porn was like this. This looked like a nice little orgasm, but not a superorgasm. Most porn has no female orgasm whatsoever so at least she had a little one.

    • Oh Me March 17, 2012

      So exaggerated...the both of them. At least she's pretty.

    • ilia March 26, 2012

      i want someone to lick my pussy till orgy

    • KOTE March 29, 2012


    • longnecke April 6, 2012

      That was awsome best I have ever witnessed would love to do that

    • i like April 1, 2012

      Me Gusta

    • love ma pussy to be licked November 13, 2012

      am so horny right now and i want a lick badly

    • Dozator November 28, 2012

      She is a Russian girl.

    • nature_eye April 23, 2014

      Beautiful lady I love it

    • aron feller April 20, 2014

      Super super mmmmmmmm

    • 141 April 14, 2014


    • vulvaphiliac May 7, 2014

      I love how she moves, how she sighs and moans... delicious!!

    • woody May 16, 2014

      she is absolutely beyond amazing.

    • fuksuklik May 22, 2014

      This is so beautiful. Love it. Love her.

    • Thamburan666 May 16, 2014

      cute sexy girl.

    • ouch April 3, 2014

      she looks like the mom from HIMYM....

    • VenusWasGreek March 12, 2014

      Superorgasm is a compound word (super+orgasm) of Greek origin (=υπεροργασμός).

    • Nate November 9, 2013

      I think it's hot how so many women are posting in the comments section!!!

    • SteveGinMex November 5, 2013

      If your woman isn't reacting like that, you aren't doing it right... seriously

    • Maryk77 December 8, 2013

      Totally hot!!! As a woman I can tell when girls are faking it in porn and this chick came hardcore....made me wet

    • Voices January 1, 2014

      Blown out

    • toowoomba January 21, 2014

      I've done a girl like that 6 times and on the 6th she squirted, she flooded everywhere; she was great

    • making love January 10, 2014

      really the perfect girl I ever seen

    • jeyangel May 23, 2014

      tellement sensuel que je jouis sans fin!!!

    • hornylilpussy July 4, 2014

      I love this vid. Gonna have to show it to my man. Oh and all you people talking shit should shut the fuck up. it is EDUCATIONAL you limp dick morons! Nina Hartley fucking rocks!

    • malembe January 31, 2015

      Yummy! but what a pity it is not filmed in HD.

    • Jim January 25, 2015

      I just wish my wife would due this when i down there licking her pussy.She just lays there and let me do my thing down there. She tells me i doing fine but i what her to tell me i doing great so can any one help me. I love getting her pussy up in the air so i can lick better and i notice she like her anal lick and she love when i slowly put my finger up in her anal when i licking her pussy I just hope i doing good enough for her

    • Poptarts March 8, 2015

      she is absolutely awesome

    • hhh3g April 23, 2015

      what is her name

    • AniB June 5, 2015

      i love to get treated first

    • In May 2, 2015

      Looks like Sloan from ferris buler's day off

    • nn January 4, 2015

      Thank you.

    • goozie December 11, 2014

      cute, love her pointy nipples and trimmed pussy

    • zooloo August 4, 2014

      very good girl Amazing orgasms

    • Maria July 29, 2014

      Nice puffy nips.

    • nilamdi kodi August 13, 2014

      wow...! i like this much

    • fuking mom August 19, 2014

      I love this...

    • In need - NOW October 21, 2014

      I need a girl to do this to right now. My cock is so hard.

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