RealityKings' DareDorm Puts Pornhub's Twerking Butt to the test. Location: Sexy dorm party. Watch as one man transcends the barrier between Woman and Machine.. with his dick. See the FULL SCENE HERE!
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cuckolding 1

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    • CUCK FINN January 12, 2012

      Hey John. you're right. i love the idea of being cheated on. i have watched my wife get fucked many times. one of my favorite fantasies is to see her jack off a big cock and watch his come run down her fingers and over her wedding rings as she licks and sucks on the cummy head of his cock.

    • bullish January 6, 2012

      great to see her ass full of cum.

    • anallover December 17, 2011

      you guys that mention you like sharing your girlfriends/wives are all talking bollocks!!! no one does that in reality.

    • chachachi January 24, 2012

      why not fuck ass roughly since this girl is so horny and juiceeeeeeeeee

    • Jackrabbit February 6, 2012

      Wish I could ate her out when he was done!!would love to be her suck boy!!

    • ruthdp April 13, 2012

      hey susan ive just been fucked and fucked by two black guys with really big cocks in the arse and my wet cunt at the same time and they came at the same time lots of cum everywhere mmmm

    • Marc March 23, 2012

      Interracial performers girl gives oral pleasure then couple have intercourse next they have anal sex in different positions. Chick is sexy, I like a vocal woman black man enjoys himself! Brother's penis does not seem all that hard?

    • Susan March 15, 2012

      I love my exboyfriends, we have a big hause my husband rent 3 extra rooms we have to them. My husband love when they fuck me any time they want. Sometimes my husband weaks up in the midle of the night to find a guy fucking me hard on the bed. His only requirement is that I will sir on his face the sooner my ex came inside my so he can eat py pussy. The other day my husband came just after all three of them came inside my asshole at leat 3 times, we he ask for dinner I say to him laid in the floor, I sit on his face an tell him to put his lips around my asshole and suck his dinner out. It was great. he open my asshole with his tounge and eat all the come out of me.

    • interr lover November 10, 2011

      I agree with "A good girlfriend" wife works with lots of balck guys and loves fucking them. I love watching it too. It is so hot, as you said to watch the woman I love get penetrated by a huge black cock. Something I can't give her with my smaller cock. I've never made her cum through penetration but these black studs have no trouble making her cum hard. I love it after she cums seeing all her juices coating their cocks. I love watching her big D cup tits bounce around all over as they pound her pussy. I love how she willingly spreads her legs for them to fill her pussy with their cum. Nothing hotter than seeing another man ejaculate a huge load of semen inside of my wife's pussy, where I'm supposed to be the only one doing that. Then getting to lick and suck her freshly fucked pussy filled with cum letting her know I accept her ways. And it's awesome to fuck her afterward and have my cock slide easily in to her stretched out pussy. What a feeling...soon I'm emptying more cum inside of her loose pussy!!! Love it!!

    • bi November 1, 2011

      love to watch tht cock fuck my girl then fuck me :-)

    • ready46xwu September 9, 2011

      they can both cum to our house! mmm

    • jimd September 7, 2011

      I'd love to have him fuck my wife so I can have sloppy seconds then lick her cunt out!

    • jjpct September 5, 2011

      all white girls need to be fucked by black guys and they need to cum in there white pussy and assholes

    • a good girlfriend September 17, 2011

      I love how the actress in this video talks about her pussy getting stretched. There is nothing like coming home from work, smelling sex in the bed room, fiinding your girl in bed, the bedding all rumples, and two large wet spots on your side of the bed. Your girlfriend explains that Scot just left, her favorite, came over, opened a bottle of wine, ate her out, fucked her hard and deep and came in twice. You just missed him. he left not more than 20 minutes ago. When I met my current girlfriend I told her that I didn't think it would work out between us unless she promised to continue fucking other men, but to never hide it from me. After all it's not cheating if I know about it. In return I promise to accept her and encourage her, to take her back again, love her, protect her reputation and erase all evidence of her infidelity. What better way is there to show her that you accept her wonton ways by cleaning her pussying, by sticking your tongue into the same pussy that not more than 20 minutes ago had somebody elses dick in it sliding in and out, giving her devine pleasure. Just because a man and a woman make a great couple, have fun together, laugh and live and love together doesn't meen she has to have stop having sex with others. Why would I want to deprive her of that pleasure. Besides it brings me so much pleasure as well. There is nothing like tasting another man's cum inside the woman you love. There is nothing like slipping your dick into her pussy snug pussy but just falling in because she has been streached by another man's cock. Her pussy is so wet and sloppy and soggy, you have the freedom to call her a fucking whore, and mean it and its a compliment.

    • cuckolds are all pussyole October 2, 2011

      this is about as real as father christmas/ a cuckolders balls

    • latinakitty October 28, 2011

      so what was the moral of the dude inside the closet

    • Allessandra October 6, 2011

      Wow! what a big, sweet cock, I would like to have that cock in my pussy, and if possible, being fucked the whole night, those penetrating positions are gorgeous.

    • Jtm June 2, 2012


    • filipinay June 4, 2012

      damn,thats a big dick...

    • Fernando February 10, 2014

      Uno de los mejores vídeos

    • exhib_moselle December 4, 2013


    • Pal July 28, 2013

      Great they both fucked and looked good, but maybe you could have shown the guy in the closet jacking off or playing with his dick.

    • mc May 6, 2014

      Very hot

    • didou60 September 25, 2014

      putain que sa femme est salope sur cette énorme queue de cocufieur !! et le mari qui mate sa salope baiser avec son amant depuis l'armoire, il dois bander sec le cocu

    • Mike D February 11, 2015

      I love fucking my friends wife Ashley like this. She love having my 10"cock everyday she can. Ashley has the tightest pussy and the most beautiful juicy ass. When her husband leaves for work I come over and Ashley and I get to work. I lick her pussy and get her dripping wet then I slide my hard cock in her pussy. She gets so horny and pulls me in her pussy and takes me balls deep. I put both of her legs over my shoulders and start fucking her faster and deeper until she starts to cum. She moans real loud and enjoys every inch of my cock. I turn her over on her stomach and she reaches back and spreads her pussy as I slide my cock in her wet tight pussy. Her ass looks so beautiful as I am fucking her balls deep. I get on top of her and start fucking her faster and deeper getting her to cum again. Then as I am fucking her deep she tells me to empty my balls in her. I start fucking her long deep strokes and pump my cum in her pussy. Ashley tells me that she love getting fucked by me. We fuck like this everday now. She has the best tightest pussy ever.

    • mike November 5, 2014

      This great guy shpuld ingravidate my wife in front of me

    • Enthralled April 22, 2013

      Great entry for the category. Jack Napier's dick is practically perfect, albeit it is not always stone hard. That does not seem to matter. She seemed to enjoy every moment of that.

    • shaunh20 March 30, 2013

      oh yeah, she needs the big dick!

    • Wiener December 8, 2012

      Great natural girl. What´s her name?

    • Mike P August 8, 2012

      The last guy that fucked my wife fucked her twice and on the csecond time when he was about to cum told me to get on my kness and he grabbed the back of my head and made me suck his cock and swallow his load, the whole time he was doing that my wife was telling me to suck his cum from his cock and cheering him on, I did swallow his load and left his cock clean of all cum his and hers. What a great wife, to allow me to service her and her "bulls"

    • cuckold July 6, 2012

      great wife! I want be her cuckyhubby

    • Fausto February 27, 2013

      Mike P, I had similar experiences with my first wife. I liked a lot the humiliation, being denied even the sight of her pussy until the bull had cummed it, having to lick both clean and to rim the assholes of both while they were fucking. My balls were bound with a rubber tape

    • Mistress Margaret March 1, 2013

      I really enjoyed this video. I absolutely LOVE watching white women get FUCKED by bladk men. He really gives it to her, and up the ass as well. I had a black man fuck me when I was single. Mike P, my husband loves blowing black men on the side when he travels for business. I know he would enjoy what you describe. My husband loves blowing black men on the side.

    • andorman March 18, 2013

      great video, but could have been a FANTASTIC video, if she wouldn't have had those frigging boot / shoes on....too distracting, and took away from the lines of her body....she is obviously very tiny, and for her to have been barefoot all the way would have shown the true dimension of size difference between them.......him towering over her, that big black cock of his being inserted while she legwraps him.......THATS how I would have filmed it,,.....but again, i'm not being overly was a good film.....just my two cents......

    • wife blackened March 5, 2013

      I love these videos. It's the secret fantasy of every husband for a black guy like this to fuck our wife.

    • rim August 21, 2011

      i let my petite 26yro wife get rimmed out all the time by big black cocks. its so hot seeing my wife take all that meat real hard and eat their cum loads. it onlly take about an hour to have about 3 plow her down and feed her. we like the real big ones that make her bleed after they use her real deep.

    • robby82m August 20, 2011

      Nora, hai proprio ragione, un cazzo favoloso

    • lurdinha August 23, 2010

      um dos melhores que ja assisti , negro gostozo

    • marco August 6, 2010

      grandissima donna da sposare subito

    • someone July 28, 2010

      is it just me or does he have trouble keeping hard

    • wobley bob August 26, 2010

      I don't know any one with an empty wardrobe you could hide in!

    • karl18x5 August 31, 2010

      mehr von diesem geilen grossen schwanz

    • John October 7, 2010

      Admit it cuckolds - you arouse yourself whilst telling yourself you're inferior. You're sexualising your own low self esteem. If you truly believed "blacks were superior" like i see some of you claim, you'd be watching videos of black women getting pounded. No, you guys just like to be humiliated. It's not the way forward in life. Just because it arouses you doesn't mean it's a positive - remember, Ted Bundy got aroused at the idea of murdering (not that you guys are in any way as bad as he is, i'm just using that to validate what I said)

    • Lynn_M September 4, 2010

      I pressed the abort button as soon as they started to do anal. I wish we could have been forwarned.

    • Tonny September 1, 2010

      Dudes, that man is sooooooooooooo lucky ! Lucky with such a big dick, and lucky to fuck such a hot and beautiful woman ! I can only wank and watch.... Oh, and the way she sucks him, looks delicious

    • Nye Eve July 27, 2010

      Great action, hot wife extrordinaire, but if its branded as cuckolding surely the last minute or tow should be after the stud has left; wifey calls cuckold out of the closet and orders him to his knees to lick her to yet another orgasm- isn't that what they both want? I'm sure I would if she was my wife!

    • ste July 21, 2010

      great cock love to see it fuck my wifes hairy pussy

    • cuck lover June 19, 2010

      shes a good girl takes it all

    • savanna June 12, 2010

      quelle chance pour cette femme d'avoir une aussi grosse bite juste pour elle

    • cuminme June 7, 2010

      he might as well have cum inside her

    • Bob June 22, 2010

      Sorry I don't get it?? Why hide in a cupboard while someone fucks your woman!? I would only hide in the cupboard if the husband/wife came home early.

    • Pussylicious Ebony June 24, 2010

      God i sooo love Jack Napier's dick its so big i would do anything to suck on that then have him inside my pussy and my tight ass

    • lovely June 28, 2010

      great cock

    • elle June 25, 2010

      i wanna take that cock xx

    • Beckyluv November 3, 2010

      run and hide boy, you might get that cock up your ass too.....

    • wannabecuck November 13, 2010

      of course it's not that blacks are 'superior' John, some folks might claim that but that's just a load of crap. It's just a turn-on to think youe wife fucks someone who doesn't even remotely look like you (and in your fantasy, she proceeds having his baby which you will definitely recognize as not yours, because she knows she'll get away with it). So yeah, it's about the humiliation. Is that a bad thing?

    • crossdresser jon June 10, 2011

      god i would love to see my wifes pussy full of black cock and to lick out his cum after

    • pablo May 30, 2011

      must be hard to see your wife being barebacked by such a big she squeals with pleasure.still...he did want to watch..

    • pablo April 29, 2011

      I was surprised that he didn't come inside her too. she was up for it.

    • jess June 20, 2011

      Good video but I feel sorry for the girl, nice size but he can't keep it hard.

    • noradue June 30, 2011

      essere scopata da un cazzo del genere sai che goduria

    • bigdog August 12, 2011

      that bitch badddd.they need more ho's like her

    • jessica July 25, 2011

      dammm fuk me !!

    • aka April 4, 2011

      humanogous dong and lovely ass whata combination of absolute amazing fucking

    • Grrr April 1, 2011

      he's got a grt dick

    • arnold December 28, 2010

      would love to watch him fuck my wife and make her cum, i never have through penetration, but blokes she works with have,she works at a bar and gets fucked most nights.

    • onegreekcouple November 23, 2010

      would love Jack to fuck my blonde wife's hot pussy while I watch.

    • y.t. November 17, 2010

      soft cock

    • olzuj January 15, 2011

      I always fantasized about my gf being fucked and insemenated by stranger in front of me... That would turn me on so much i would have a hard on for the rest of my life!!

    • janet February 18, 2011

      i bet that felt good in her ass

    • Gardener March 14, 2011

      Oh, what a nice dick. Please take my wife next. I would like to see your dick inside her pussy and your sperm in her mouse.

    • jiichan February 20, 2011

      from behind ,she's on her flat belly being fucked deep in the anal,!this is the best position.

    • lecy June 6, 2010


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